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Gifts for outdoor lovers

We all know children love the outdoors. But did you know there are so many reasons why we should encourage children to spend as much time outside as possible.
-Exposure to sunshine- not only is it brilliant for our mental wellbeing but Vitamin D is crucial for growing and developing bodies.
-We should be aiming for children to be active for at least one hour a day, being outside is the best way to achieve this; exploring, climbing, kicking or throwing a ball, riding bikes or scooters. 
- Having unstructured time allows children to build problem solving skills, as well as decision making and learning how to entertain themselves.
- Risky play- this makes a lot of parents nervous, of course we want our children to be safe but if we don't allow them to take risks they (and we) will never know what they can achieve. By engaging in risky play (e.g. heights, speed, tools etc) they will be better prepared to deal with future risks and assessing them.
- An appreciation of the world around us. It is so important to instil a love of the world around us for our children. We are so lucky to live in a country with access to such a wide variety of landscapes to explore, beaches, rivers, lakes, mountains, bush and the list goes on. By allowing our children access to this they will help to protect it in the future.
If you are looking to foster a love of the outdoors in your child why not get started with some of the products pictured above.